About Us


 Japan Die Casting Association endeavors to promote growth of die casting industry in Japan and makes a contribution to the prosperity of allied industries by investigation of production and technology, examination and certification, drafting standards, education and so on.


  • Japan Diecasting Association was established in 1955.

Membership (Oct. 1, 2023)

Regular members
Corporates producing die castings: 195
Supporting members
Corporates which have agreement with our objectives: 207

Main Directors of The Board

Chairman Akira Urakami President and COO, RYOBI LIMITED
Vice Chairman Masaki Tsuta President, Tsuta Metals & Machinery Co., Ltd.
Vice Chairman Arata Takahashi Chairman & CEO, Ahresty Corporation
Vice Chairman Masao Akiba President, AKIBA DIE CASTING CO., LTD.
Vice Chairman Kiyohito Okuda President, OKUDA INDUSTRY CO.,LTD.
Vice Chairman Setsuo Kato Chairman, Tokyo Diecast Co., Ltd.
Vice Chairman Jun Sugimoto President, Mino Industry Co., Ltd.
Executive Director Tsuneyuki Ito Japan Die Casting Association